Teachers workshop.

The teachers at st.Charles lwanga are filled with much joy in their hearts,this is after going through a successful workshop on Aflatourn model of learning which is also used by our sister school  Neustra Escuela in peurto Rico.The model aims at making the learning process interesting to the learner through enganging in a number of learning activities .The model helps the teacher to manage the classroom and also keeping the children alert during the classwork.The students are happy with the new techniques of learning and are promising to greatly improve on their studies and class participation.

we are very grateful to Brother kennedy ,friends and our benefactors for the continued support towards the school.God Bless you.

School for Underpriviledged Children

St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre, Secondary School is charitable institution which provides education, shelter, medical care, recreation programs and basic needs to 300 children from poor family backgrounds, orphans and from the streets. The Centre was founded by Brother Kennedy Oronjo in the year 2011.

This was after his keen observation on how children did not access education mostly due to lack of funds. Some were from poor families, some were orphans and children from the streets without people to support them. Some young people were left out as they din’t reach the set pass marks to join further education, and there were also those who dropped out of school due to rigid curriculum followed in our schools.

This lead to the establishment of St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. The Centre has opened its doors to all children; those left out because they do not conform to the expectations of our schools and societies, those who cannot afford three meals per day and other basic needs and those who due to the social life challenges have turned to drugs and other substances. The Centre is a home for the neglected children, those in self-denial and those facing rejection.

St. Charles Lwanga children Centre is located in Ruai-Nairobi with our children coming from within Ruai and from the western parts of the country and from the slum areas in Nairobi.